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          Laboratory planning and design

          Laboratory planning and design
          The construction of the laboratory, whether it is a new construction, expansion, or reconstruction project. It is not simply to purchase reasonable equipment, but also to consider the overall planning of the laboratory, rational layout and graphic design, as well as power supply, water supply, gas supply, ventilation, air purification, and safety measures.
          The basic conditions of basic equipment such as environmental protection, so the construction of the laboratory is a complex system engineering. In modern laboratories, scientific instruments and perfect laboratories are necessary conditions for upgrading the level of modern science and technology and promoting the growth of scientific research results. "People-oriented, people and the environment" has become a topic of great concern to people, based on the "safe, environmentally friendly, practical, durable, beautiful, economical" planning and design concept. The planning and design is mainly divided into six aspects: graphic design system, single structure functional design system, water supply and drainage design system, electronic control system, special gas distribution system, and harmful gas output system.

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