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          Laboratory decoration engineering

          Laboratory interior decoration
          1. In line with the requirements of the laboratory environment, beautiful and generous, with a sense of modern technology, showing the industry characteristics, work concept and unique style of the unit;
          2. Laboratory ground materials with special requirements such as cleanliness, pressure gradient, constant temperature and humidity, etc. should also meet the requirements of the overall seamless;
          3, laboratories with buffer rooms (including clean laboratories, biosafety laboratories and other complex laboratory rooms), should have hidden equipment doors for experimental equipment, especially large equipment in and out.
          4. The wall surface of the laboratory should be made of building materials with small surface adsorption and easy cleaning.
          5. The ground of the laboratory should be made of corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, non-slip, and easy to wash construction materials.
          6. The outer window of the laboratory should not use colored glass to avoid the color vision judgment error during the experiment. Physical shielding measures should be taken separately for laboratories with darkness requirements.
          7. The materials involved in the decoration should adopt fire-retardant and flame-retardant materials as much as possible. It must be medium-to-high-end products. It must meet environmental protection requirements and provide a certificate of conformity. Samples or samples must be provided before purchase, and can be carried out by Party A. All floors and walls. The ceiling and the trunking of the ceiling must be strictly sealed. The final effect of the decoration should be modern and fashionable.
          8. The construction of special conditions laboratories such as radiological testing laboratories, animal laboratories, and biosafety protective laboratories shall be carried out in accordance with relevant state regulations and requirements.

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