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          Jiangsu Phoebus Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.

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          Laboratory gas line

          Laboratory gas piping system
          Gas pipeline systems are widely used in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, liquid phase, atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence, exhaust gas monitoring, chemical and pharmaceutical, food packaging, semiconductor, laser and other analytical techniques to provide high purity gas, toxic or corrosive treatment. Gas, commonly used in the laboratory are: N2, H2, Ar, He, C2H2, O2 and so on.
          Centralized gas supply system: Concentrate all types of gas in a laboratory in one room or area, and then connect different gas pipes to the terminals that need to use gas in each laboratory.
          This is good for:
          1. Centralized management of gas source to ensure the scientific use of gas;
          2, the room utilization rate is large, to ensure the beauty of the laboratory;
          3. The safety factor is large, and a good anti-leakage, explosion-proof and ventilation system can be established to fully diffuse dangerous gases.
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