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          Jiangsu Phoebus Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.

          Service Hotline: 0510-87806866


          Jiangsu Phoebus Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. is a system integration supplier dedicated to providing complete solutions for laboratory systems. The company is located in Heqiao Industrial Zone, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The business involves government research institutions, testing institutions, universities, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, paper, petroleum, and chemical industries.
          Enterprise services: laboratory project consulting services, laboratory planning and design, laboratory clean engineering, laboratory furniture engineering, laboratory ventilation systems, laboratory gas supply systems, laboratory end gas treatment projects, laboratory wastewater discharge engineering, electromechanical installation Engineering, environmental engineering, electronics and intelligent engineering.
          Enterprise Honor: The company's main product design style is humanized and functional. It can meet the requirements of different environments of the laboratory. The company provides customers with one-stop service for the whole process, creating a full-featured, safe and comfortable, green and environmentally friendly, new laboratory three-dimensional space. The company has issued a safety production license issued by the Wuxi Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau for the construction of mechanical and electrical installation engineering professional contractor and environmental protection engineering contractor, and the Jiangsu Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Office.
          As a new brand in the laboratory industry, we have inherited and carried forward the excellent concept of well-known laboratory brands at home and abroad, and launched a new series of laboratory products in combination with the current status of domestic laboratories, so that they can serve the majority of scientific research workers. With good technology, quality and reputation, Pfeis adheres to the principle of “one project and one good product”. We will create a beautiful laboratory environment with rich engineering implementation experience, strict operation specifications, thoughtful technical support and professional after-sales service.

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