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          Characteristics of all steel test bench materials

          The all-steel experimental platform is widely operated in the scale of quality inspection units, various vehicle parts construction units, product quality testing stations, research institutes, etc. for the delivery and construction of various hoses, in order to facilitate public use, all steel experiments The instinct of the control system of the station, the modular layout of the specialist mold; the adjustable screw is M12*50mm stainless steel, the nylon cover is molded once for the injection mold, the rubber mold pad is embedded in the all-steel test bench, which can bear the load, moisture, slip and shock absorption. , antibacterial, anti-corrosion, steep vertical adjustable agent body level; beautiful appearance, humanized.
          Characteristics of all steel test bench materials
          The all-steel test bench is made of American VIA Asia or Beijing Xima solid core physics and chemistry board. The cabinet is made of 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate and treated by pickling phosphating epoxy resin paint. The structure is reasonable, the bearing capacity is good, and the combination is smart. Conducive to construction, easy to install and transport, is the best choice for medium and high-grade laboratories. The steel frame of all steel test benches is acid-washed, phosphatized, and electrostatically sprayed with epoxy resin powder. It is beautiful, modern, and resistant to acid and alkali.
          The all-steel test bench adopts imported high-density PP material, and the mold is integrally formed, which is bacteriostatic, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant and organic; the bottom of the water tank is 7mm thick, and the edge wall thickness is 5mm; the underfloor support or the top support The installation is beneficial to the natural reflow of the residual water on the countertop. The all-steel test bench is beautiful and practical. The specifications are sold from the pin to the large size. The user can choose according to the practice. The all-steel test bench adopts the imported high-density PP material submerged bend, which is corrosion-resistant. It is resistant to acids, alkalis and organic substances, and has the function of filtering and blocking.
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