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          How to choose the material of all steel test bench

          The test bench can be divided into: all-steel test bench, steel-wood test bench, all-wood test bench, aluminum-wood test bench. Today, the most used is the all-steel test bench.
          1. Experimental bench frame: Usually adopt C-shaped square steel, which can withstand welding, after pickling and phosphating, electrophoresis, the test stand is sprayed with epoxy resin high-pressure electrostatic powder, and it is cured in the tropical zone. It has good anti-corrosion function and is tight and strong. Strong bearing capacity.
          How to choose the material of all steel test bench
          2, the experimental table top: usually take epoxy resin board, solid core physicochemical board, ceramic board, marble board, Trespa, stainless steel board, etc., oral skills, greasy slippery pores, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, milling While handling, the countertops are resistant to corrosion and water and reach the good scale of the test room industry.
          3. Experimental bench: The main structure adopts a fixed metal cabinet to directly support the countertop. The experimental cabinet usually adopts a good cold-rolled steel plate, and is sprayed with an epoxy resin electrostatic powder after pickling and phosphating.
          4. Experimental door panel and drawer panel: Usually adopt good cold-rolled steel plate, and the electrostatic powder coating is applied after degreasing and phosphating. The structure of the experimental platform is double-layer hollow reinforced, and there are no exposed rivets and screws in the drawer.
          5, the experimental platform slide: usually take three silent slide rails, processed by tropical spray acid and alkali paint, can withstand acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, pumping light and smooth, no noise, high strength, can normally use more than 50,000 times, long-term load is not Deformation.
          6, button: take the test room exclusive high-strength nylon button, with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong load bearing, can bear more than 75kg, wear-resistant, no rust and other good functions, open more than 50,000 times no Damage, no noise, no rebound, no break.
          7. Handle: Firstly, there are all steel, aluminum alloy or handles developed by various manufacturers and supporting the test bench.
          8, the experimental platform feet: the integration of stainless steel and nylon feet, adjustable height 30mm - 50mm.
          9. Screw: It adopts nylon and stainless steel screws, which are firm and elegant, and elegant and durable.
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