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          Maintenance and maintenance of laboratory furniture

          Laboratory equipment has a pivotal low position in the laboratory, which mainly includes fume hoods, test benches, medicine cabinets, etc. In addition to choosing the right laboratory furniture, reasonable use and proper cleaning and maintenance are also extending the use of laboratory furniture. Life, today is a simple talk about the common cleaning methods of fume hoods and test benches.

          First, the fume hood:
          1. In the course of the experiment, the experimental device for generating harmful substances shall be placed at a place where the operating opening of the cabinet in the fume hood is greater than 150 MM to prevent the spillage of harmful substances;
          2. The experimental device of the fume hood should not block the exhaust slit;
          3. After the experiment is completed, the fan should not be turned off immediately, and it will take 3~5 minutes to turn off;
          4. The fume hood should not be used as a storage cabinet;
          5. The inside of the fume hood should always keep the inner surface of the cabinet clean and sealed. It should be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned regularly. If it is damaged, it must be repaired in time;
          6. Fans, air ducts and related accessories should be regularly inspected;
          7. At intervals, the fume hood shall be measured and adjusted once; the fume hood shall be operated under design conditions;
          8, the temperature inside the fume hood, such as the wattage of the electric stove should be padded pad, should not be stored for a long time to open, so as not to affect the use of fume hood.

          Second, the experimental bench, the common experimental bench is divided into physical and chemical panels and epoxy resin panels, and its maintenance should be carried out according to different materials;
          Physical and chemical board:
          1. Do not leave this material in an environment where the temperature exceeds 135 degrees for a long time.
          2. Do not expose this material to open flames, molten metal, metal sparks or sunlight, or as a cut surface.
          3. The flame of the coal gas lamp or alcohol lamp will damage the surface of the product, so the alcohol lamp or the coal gas lamp should be placed on the tripod.
          4. The surface of the physicochemical board is recommended to be cleaned with warm water, propione or a mild detergent. Use a cleaning agent for washing hands or dishwashing. Do not use abrasive or strong acid detergent to avoid damage to the surface. For stubborn stains. The hypoxic acid can be dripped on the surface of the contaminated physicochemical board and washed with water.

          Epoxy board:
          1. The most common method is to clean the countertop with 70% ethanol before and after work.
          2. If you just remove the dirty surface, use a damp cloth; if these dirt is difficult to wipe, it is recommended to use household cleaners, but you can't use abrasive cleaners or wax.
          3. Oil stains caused by metal, rubber and similar objects can be wiped with a cloth filled with naphtha or solvent.
          4. Regularly clean and polish with a paper towel or a clean rag. You can also use bright oil for cleaning and brightening.
          5. If you want to restore the original gloss of the countertop, wipe the surface with a cloth full of oil and dry it with a dry cloth.
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